DSG Gearboxes

We are able to do a complete mechatronic overhaul, clutch replacements and a full gearbox overhaul, for all VW and Audi, includes, all A-series and Q-series Audi’s and all Polo’s, GTI’s, etc.

Anyone who’s been interested in a performance Volkswagen or some Hyundai models will have heard the words DSG, or DCT thrown around. Both refer to the same thing; a dual-clutch gearbox/transmission. This is a newer type of automatic transmission that was first seen in racing cars manufactured by Porsche, but it was VW that made DSG a household name.

Like a conventional automatic transmission, a DSG uses fixed gear ratios to ensure and engine is running at its most efficient rpm depending on the speed. But, unlike these ‘normal’ automatic gearboxes, a DSG effectively mates two gear sets (one with odd gears 1-3-5 and the other with even gears 2-4-6) and two clutches to allow for pre-selection of gears and a seamless swap between them.